Our Culture

We see a better tomorrow and we boldly go.

We strive to create a work environment where our people uplift each other, make an impact on our planet, and thrive at work and at home.

Our Leadership Principles

We asked our people across the company to help develop the guiding principles for our culture that will enable us to lead now and into the future. We call these our leadership principles. We use them to guide our actions and decisions each day as we boldly go.
We work today for a sustainable tomorrow
We inspire each other to accomplish great things for our company, our communities and our planet. We believe we can change the world.
We keep customers at the heart of all we do We create exceptional customer experiences through our expertise, focus and care. We partner on solutions that ensure our customers' success.
We include and uplift one another
We embrace differences and value the opinions and contributions of each person. We work collaboratively to magnify our impact.
We make better happen
We're always improving our work to enhance customer value. We seek new approaches, simplify, learn and share our knowledge.
We dare to do things differently
Where others see limits, we see possibilities. We are curious, push boundaries and innovate.
We own our actions and decisions
We are empowered to act and bring solutions to achieve extraordinary results. We take initiative and follow through.
We do what's right, always
We demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior in all we do. We have the courage to speak up for what is right.
A message from our leaders
Chair and CEO Dave Regnery and Karin De Bondt, President Thermo King Americas, reflect on the unifying strength of our purpose and how it fuels all that we do.

Employee Programs

Each person at Trane Technologies can make a significant, global impact through employee programs designed to solve some of the world's biggest challenges.
​​​​​​​Sustainable Futures

We’re investing $100 million and 500,000 employee volunteer hours in a generation of students with the potential to transform our world. Our Sustainable Futures strategy focuses on enhancing learning environments, accelerating student success and opening new career pathways.

Technology & Innovation
To combat climate change and improve our way of life, we’re dedicated to solving challenges at the intersection of environmental and social need and our expertise. For us, that means innovating solutions that decarbonize life-sustaining systems – including cities – improving food and health networks, and ensuring access to a better world, for everyone.

​​​​​​​Why we boldly go

Together, we're creating a brighter future. Here are some ways that our people are challenging what's possible in their careers and for their communities.
Duane DJ Brown
Inspiring STEM and green careers for the next generation
Duane "DJ" Brown, an HVAC Service Technician Support Lead in San Diego, California, is thriving in a STEM career. He shares his experience, visiting schools to inspire students and encourage them to consider STEM and green careers.
Duane "DJ" Brown Service Technician Support Lead, Trane Commercial
Kim Cooper
Joining the fight to end food insecurity
Kim Cooper, a customer sales associate at our Trane Supply store in Birmingham, Alabama, uses her volunteer time benefit to support her local food bank. “The food bank’s mission statement and what we’re trying to do at Trane Technologies go hand in hand. I decided this is the place to be hands on with.”
Kim Cooper Customer Sales Associate, Trane Supply
Backy Miller
Galway, Ireland engineer takes an idea to help the entire industry in his region
Shane Coss saw a need for robotics skills in his community, and helped to develop a new Bachelor of Engineering in Automation and Robotics at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. The degree reflects Trane Technologies' goals and leadership principles.
Shane Coss Advanced Engineering Leader, Thermo King
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